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Your next deal is in your contacts.

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Your contacts are relationships. And relationships are your greatest asset.
Do you know how much they're worth?

88% of homeowners say they'd use their last agent again when selling their home.

Less than 15% do.

National Association of Realtors

For every 5 homeowners you know have owned their house for 5+ years, there is a 79% chance at least one will move this year!

National Association of Home Builders

Number one survey response to why homeowners use a different agent when selling their next home?

They lose touch.

Truss Homeowner Survey

Extraordinary Engagement

48% of the contacts we've emailed have personally replied.

“It’s generated hyper individualized emails using info I give them about a particular client or lead. Every email passes through me so I can edit it, nix it, or finally approve it to be sent. I've always been bad at keeping any regular (or any at all) contact with past clients and this has generated 2 great recent client referrals.”

— Dan Bernal, J. Barrett & Company

A Surprisingly Simple Service
Truss collects your contacts

All types of contacts are valuable, whether they’re past clients, leads, or referral sources like friends and acquaintances. Agents can either email or upload a contact list, or enter them individually using our form:

Truss collects notes on your contacts

The first thing we ask for is information about the contacts. We use this information to write personalized content to the contacts so the more detail the better. And as you can see here, Dan expressed what he’d like most from Mary and Carly: to meet more of their friends.

We write content and send it for your approval

Using the contact notes and our growing expertise on how to engage with contacts, we craft a personalized email. Using this task, agents can view the proposed content and make edits to it.

You make edits, we send it out

Once the agents approve the content (with whatever changes they want), Truss sends it on their behalf and adds it to that contact’s timeline.

Truss in a Nutshell

Truss securely collects your contacts and notes about them. Then we research your contacts and determine who, when, and what personalized content to send them to keep you top of mind as a real estate expert.

You simply review and approve before we communicate on your behalf.

Your privacy is paramount, we never share your contacts.

Truss unleashes your superpowers.
Novel. Personalized. Timely.

Beyond just remaining in touch, our aim is to deliver the most valuable content to homeowners. Our philosophy is simple: firstly, combine your insight with our research and technology to address homeowners questions/concerns in the most personalized way; and secondly, never use templates.

Dedicated Human Agents.

You are assigned a relationship agent that ensures all of your contacts are collected, researched, and engaged. To that end, we can continuously provide and demonstrate your value. We have a plan to nurture and grow every type of relationship you have - our agents ensure we stick to it.

A Timeline of Interactions.

Each interaction between you, Truss, and your contacts is routed through our service and captured on a searchable timeline. From new notes and outreach to email opens and replies, it’s all logged in one easy to access place. You’ll never lose context on your relationships.

Simple Monthly Pricing

30-day money back guarantee.

- Unlimited contacts
- No yearly contract
- Cancel at anytime
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CMA Tool
- Unlimited CMAs
- No yearly contract
- Cancel at anytime
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Frequently Asked Questions
Why do I have to apply?

Truss provides amazing service to agents by ensuring they provide amazing service to their contacts and homeowners. To that end, Truss is building a brand based on the establishment of trusted, valuable, relationships. And since a brand is only as strong as the people who embody it, we want to partner with the best.

Learn more about the application process.

How does Truss secure my contacts?

Truss encrypts all contact data during transfer between you, our service, databases, and agents. We use Amazon’s world class data centers which are: ISO 27001, SOC 1, SOC 2, SOX, and PCI Level 1 compliant.

Moreover, we backup your data multiple times a day to various regions across the US.

Lastly, we never share your contact data.

How does Truss keep my information private?

The short answer is: we never share your contact data. More details can be found in our privacy policy.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Simply let your relationship agent know or email us here. We’ll cancel it immediately and refund your first month’s payment.

What happens to my contacts if I cancel?

We’ll keep your contacts secure and on ice at least one year. In the event you choose to join us again, we'll have all of your data awaiting you. After one year, it will be eligible for permanent deletion.

At anytime upon/after cancellation you can request that we permanently delete your contact data. Pursuant to your request we will permanently remove of all of your data and historical transactions from Truss. (We'll notify you once it's done!)

What if I want to take my contact data with me when I cancel?

Just ask your relationship agent. They will happily export it to you. This may take a few business days so please be patient.